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A number of heavy policies for the construction industry are coming soon!

A number of heavy policies for the construction industry are coming soon!

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Into 2018, the reform of the construction industry will continue to deepen, and what heavy policies are waiting to be introduced?



In the "2018 Government Work Report" on March 5, the engineering construction industry mentioned:

1) The approval time of engineering construction projects will be reduced by half。

2) Reform and improve value-added tax, and adjust the tax rate in accordance with the direction of three and two brackets。

3) Raise the personal income tax threshold, increase the deduction of special expenses such as children's education and medical treatment for serious diseases, reasonably reduce burdens, and encourage the people to increase their incomes and achieve prosperity through hard work。

4) Major infrastructure continues to be tilted towards the central and western regions。

5) In 2018, 732 billion yuan will be invested in railway and 1 billion yuan will be invested in road and water transportation.We will invest around 1 trillion yuan in water conservancy projects, and build or upgrade 200,000 kilometers of rural roads。

6) In the country to promote the "separation of certificates and licenses, reduce certificates after licenses" reform, all kinds of certificates can be reduced, can be fully combined, and further compress the start-up time of enterprises。

7) Accelerate the interconnection of government information systems (credit, bidding, social security data information may be shared in real time)。

8) Fully implement the policies and measures to support the development of the non-public sector of the economy, seriously solve the prominent problems reflected by private enterprises, and resolutely break down various hidden barriers。

Ii. Revision of the Standard Provisions on the Scope and Scale of Bidding for Construction Projects

The General Office of the State Council has made it clear in the 2017 legislative work plan that the National Development and Reform Commission will be responsible for revising the Scope and Scale Standards for Bidding for Construction Projects.。The main content of the revision is to determine the scope of construction projects that must be tendering。

The revision is expected to be implemented and regulations issued this year。

Third, before May, clean up the policy provisions that contain local protection and restrict the participation of foreign enterprises in bidding and bidding!

At the end of 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "2017-2018 Work Plan for cleaning up the Current Exclusion and Restriction of Competition Policy Measures" :

Local protection, designated transactions and market barriers contained in existing regulations, normative documents and other policy measures should be cleaned up。


(1) Setting unreasonable and discriminatory entry and exit conditions;

(2) restrict the operation, purchase and use of commodities and services provided by specific business operators;

(3) discriminatory pricing and discriminatory subsidy policies for goods and services imported from abroad;

(4) restricting the entry of foreign and imported goods and services into the local market or impeding the shipment of local goods and services;

(5) Excluding or restricting foreign business operators from participating in local tendering and bidding activities;

(6) Forcing business operators to engage in monopoly acts as prescribed in the Anti-Monopoly Law。

All localities should form a conclusion on the treatment of the policy measures that exclude and restrict competition before May 2018, and repeal or adjust them in accordance with procedures。

Iv. Comprehensive Revision of the Tendering and Bidding Law

On January 19, 2018, the revision of the Tendering and Bidding Law was officially launched。The National Development and Reform Commission will lead a comprehensive revision of the Law on Tendering and bidding, and the draft is expected to be released this year。

In the decision on amending the "Tender and Bidding Law" (draft for comments), the National Development and Reform Commission intends to add restrictions on the "unreasonable lowest bid"。

Fan Hengshan, deputy secretary of the National Development and Reform Commission, proposed that in the scope of revision, a comprehensive revision should be carried out, and as far as possible, a one-time repair in place, so that the revised "Tender and bidding Law" can meet the needs of the current and future period of bidding market development, and can withstand the test of history and practice。We will strive to form a revised draft and submit it to The State Council as soon as possible in 2018。

"The lowest bid", this heavy price, light quality baton will not be cancelled?答案或许就要揭晓!

5. Unify the national project pricing rules

On January 22, 2018, the Department of Standards and Quotas of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Key Points of Work in 2018.。通知明确在今年:

1) Replace the existing scattered mandatory provisions with full-text mandatory construction specifications。

2) Unify the national bill of quantities valuation method and valuation rules, unify the consumption quota formulation rules, and promote the formation of a unified and open construction market。

3) Improve the pricing basis system。Improve the pre-project investment estimate, design budget estimate, use and maintenance quota and other valuation basis, revise the bill of quantities valuation standards and calculation standards。

In the "13th Five-Year Plan" for the development of the construction industry, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development also clearly proposed to establish and improve the project cost management system compatible with the market economy。


Five "weighty" policies to be introduced


In 2017, a number of "drafts for comments" were released, involving heavy content such as qualification standards, construction engineer practice management, and labor service qualification。


In June 2017, the website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development published the latest "Special Qualification Standards for Construction General Contracting Enterprises" (draft for comment).。Compared with the 2007 version of the super qualification standard, the new draft for comments has the following changes:

取消 / 降低

  • Abolish the requirement of "enterprise registered capital of more than 300 million yuan" and the amount of tax。

  • Cancel the enterprise manager, financial person in charge, the number of first-level construction engineers, professional and technical personnel and other assessment indicators。

  • Cancel the evaluation of enterprise construction methods/patents, winning awards or editor-in-chief standards, and internal informatization of enterprises。

  • The scope of contracting has been revised, and the provisions on the scope of projects that can be undertaken with mutual recognition qualifications have been cancelled, and the provisions on "limited to undertaking housing construction projects of more than 30 million yuan" have been cancelled。

  • For construction projects, the assessment of "number of floors", "building area" and "amount of a single construction and security contract" shall be cancelled。


  • On the assessment of annual operating income, the annual average of more than 5 billion yuan in the past three years。

  • 信用考核。(The enterprise is not included in the list of persons subject to enforcement for breach of trust;Has not been included in the bribery crime file in the past three years;Enterprises that declare highway/port/railway qualifications shall have another credit assessment。)

  • The performance assessment of "construction engineering" increases the requirements for general contracting and assembly type of projects。


  • The net assets of the enterprise increased to 600 million yuan;The credit line will be raised to 1 billion yuan。

  • The enterprise's "expenditure on scientific and technological activities in the past three years" is determined by 0.5%提高到0.8%以上。

  • Performance assessment indicators, the difficulty increases。

In general, the threshold of the special qualification standard for soliciting opinions has been raised a lot。



In July 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the "Regulations on the Management of Registered Construction Engineers (Draft for Comment)"。Compared with the original "Provisions", the content has changed greatly!

1) Remove "practicing seal"。

2) Validity period of registration certificate increased from "3 years" to "5 years"。

3) All project leaders, project technical leaders and technical leaders of construction units are required to be registered builders。The demand for registered construction engineers may increase further。

4) Revision of the scope and scale standards for registered architects。

5) Clarify the national practice of second-class construction engineers。The competent construction departments and relevant departments at all levels in the place where the project is located shall not add or set up in a disguised form the entry requirements for the practice of trans-regional project contracting。


On January 16, 2018, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Provisions on the Vocational Qualification System for Cost Engineers (Draft for Comments) and the Implementation Measures for the Vocational Qualification Examination for Cost Engineers (Draft for Comments).。

1) Divided into first and second level cost engineers。Class I certificate, valid throughout the country;Class II certificate, in principle, is valid in the administrative region。

2) Obtain the professional qualification of first and second level cost engineer, which can be identified as having the title of engineer and assistant engineer, and can be used as a condition for declaring a higher title。

3) Increase the number of majors from 2 to 4。Among them, civil construction engineering and installation engineering are responsible for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development;The major of traffic and transportation engineering is in charge of the Ministry of Transport;The Department of Water Resources is responsible for water conservancy engineering。Candidates can choose one according to the actual work needs when registering。

此外,February 23, 2018,The Ministry of Finance issued the Interim Measures for Other professionally qualified Personnel to serve as partners of Special general Partnership accounting Firms,Personnel with professional qualification of cost engineer in China,符合相关条件的,Can be a partner of a special general partnership accounting firm (hereinafter referred to as other professionally qualified partners)。


1, non-major candidates can also apply, need to increase one year of work。

2. The examination cycle of first-class cost engineer has been changed from 2 years to 4 years。考试难度或许会加大!

3, the second-level cost engineer test 2 subjects, pass the exam within 2 years, through the professional assessment (certification) of engineering management, engineering cost professional college graduates, and obtain a bachelor's degree, can also be exempted from the exam。

4, secondary cost engineer valid in the province, at least once a year exam。

5, where the construction, design, construction, cost consulting and other units engaged in engineering construction activities, must be equipped with cost engineers in construction project cost jobs。

It is generally expected that the "gold content" of the cost engineer certificate will be greatly improved!


In November 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Guiding Opinions on Cultivating the Construction Industry Workers in the New Era (Draft for Comment) (CCB City Letter [2017] No. 763).。

1) Cancel the examination and approval of construction labor service qualification, set up professional operation enterprise qualification, and implement the notification filing system。

2) Implement the guarantee system of project payment. If the construction unit requires the contractor to provide performance bond, the corresponding payment guarantee shall be provided to the construction contractor, and the problem of arrears of construction workers' wages caused by delayed payment of project payment shall be solved by economic means。

3) Promote the transformation of migrant workers in the construction industry into skilled workers, encourage and guide the existing labor team or team leaders with certain skills and experience to set up professional companies or registered individual industrial and commercial households。

4) Incorporate labor contract information into real-name management, prohibit subcontracting of labor contracts to replace labor contracts, and prohibit signing contracts on behalf of others。

5) Workers in the construction industry, especially migrant workers, who cannot be insured by their employers or construction projects, shall participate in work-related injury insurance by project。


In December 2017, the Department of Construction Market Supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the "Measures for the Administration of General Contracting of Housing Construction and Municipal Infrastructure Projects" (draft for comment).。

On the holding of the "Housing construction and Municipal infrastructure project General contracting Management Measures" (draft for comments) highlights and project general contracting problems analysis special training

Training time: March 29-31, 2018 -- Nanjing City

                   April 26-28, 2018 - Shenzhen City

点击查看:2018 industry coffee take you to play with the project general contracting

1. What kind of project is suitable for general contracting?

Government-invested projects and projects in which state-owned funds are holding or dominant positions shall give priority to the general contracting method of the project, projects using building information modeling technology shall actively adopt the general contracting method of the project, and prefabricated buildings shall adopt the general contracting method in principle。

Construction scope, construction scale, construction standards, functional requirements and other early conditions are not sufficient projects should not use the general contracting method。

2. Can the construction general contracting qualified enterprise undertake the general contracting project?

I can!The general contractor of the project shall have the engineering design qualification suitable for the scale of the project (except for the qualification of the architectural engineering design firm only) or the general contracting qualification of the construction。

3. Can registered construction engineer serve as the general contract project manager?

可以。The general contracting project manager shall have,

  • Corresponding engineering construction registration qualification, including registered architect, survey and design registered engineer, registered construction engineer, registered supervision engineer, or have a senior professional title in engineering;

  • Familiar with engineering technology and general contracting project management knowledge as well as relevant laws and regulations, with strong organization and coordination ability and good professional ethics,

  • Have served as the general contracting project manager, design project leader or construction general contracting project manager of similar projects to the proposed projects。

4. Form of contract price:

It is advisable to adopt a fixed total price contract for the general contracting project。

For projects subject to bidding according to law, the fixed contract price shall be reasonably determined on the basis of full competition。The fixed price of the contract shall not be adjusted except for the part of modification and adjustment agreed in the contract。

Except as expressly agreed in the contract between the two parties, the construction unit shall not use the audit conclusion of the general contract project as the basis for settlement。

5、分包方式:Direct subcontracting can be used。However, when subcontracting of projects, goods and services included in the scope of the general contract in the form of provisional valuation, it belongs to the scope of projects that must be tendering according to law and meets the scale standard of tendering as stipulated by the State, it shall be tendering according to law。

6、工期责任:The construction unit shall not set an unreasonable time limit。


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